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Girl Feeding Chickens, Albert Anker110Girl Feeding Chickens, Albert AnkerFeeding the Ducks, Arthur Saron Sarnoff130Feeding the Ducks, Arthur Saron SarnoffFeeding the Lambs ~ Henry Hintermeister120Feeding the Lambs ~ Henry HintermeisterBlowing Bubbles ~ Hans A Brendekilde130Blowing Bubbles ~ Hans A BrendekildeLoose Ends ~ Henry Hintermeister80Loose Ends ~ Henry HintermeisterMary, Mary, Quite Contrary ~ Scott Gustafson49Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary ~ Scott GustafsonJoy Shared with Friends ~ Kira Panina48Joy Shared with Friends ~ Kira PaninaWinter Walk, Kira Panina45Winter Walk, Kira PaninaSpring ~ William McTaggart, 1864108Spring ~ William McTaggart, 1864Sharing the Light ~ Alfredo Rodriguez108Sharing the Light ~ Alfredo RodriguezBest Friends ~ Alfredo Rodriguez80Best Friends ~ Alfredo RodriguezThe Pet Rabbit ~ Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)90The Pet Rabbit ~ Felix Schlesinger (1833-1910)Anne Plays the Pipes42Anne Plays the PipesThe Cottage Door ~ William Kay Blacklock54The Cottage Door ~ William Kay BlacklockA Fairy is Born ~ Nina K. Boy42A Fairy is Born ~ Nina K. BoyChildren with Kitten by Heinrich Hirt70Children with Kitten by Heinrich HirtAfternoon Feeding by Felix Schlesinger72Afternoon Feeding by Felix SchlesingerVisit the Grandfather by Felix Schlesinger70Visit the Grandfather by Felix SchlesingerGuarding the Baby by Arthur John Elsley80Guarding the Baby by Arthur John ElsleyDivided Attention by Arthur John Elsley80Divided Attention by Arthur John Elsley