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Entry to Summer ~ Alexander Miliukov120Entry to Summer ~ Alexander MiliukovAlley ~ Andras Shimsky117Alley ~ Andras ShimskyThe Hermitage at Pontoise, 1874 ~ Camille Pissarro30The Hermitage at Pontoise, 1874 ~ Camille PissarroWellwood Cottage ~ Jim Mitchell81Wellwood Cottage ~ Jim MitchellEnglish Cottage ~ Roland Lee77English Cottage ~ Roland LeeCafe Preparing ~ Kim Jacobs72Cafe Preparing ~ Kim JacobsScent of the Country ~ Guido Borelli90Scent of the Country ~ Guido BorelliHidden Cottage ~ Michael Humphries96Hidden Cottage ~ Michael HumphriesOld Flint Cottage ~ Dominic Davison80Old Flint Cottage ~ Dominic DavisonForest Cottage80Forest CottageCountry Cottage80Country CottageEnglish Cottage70English CottageClocktower Cottage by Thomas Kincade77Clocktower Cottage by Thomas KincadeWallace Home by Hugh Comstock72Wallace Home by Hugh ComstockThe Cottage by Thomas Kincade80The Cottage by Thomas KincadeBiddlestone Garden Cottage70Biddlestone Garden CottageHouse on Waterlily Lane by Jim Mitchell80House on Waterlily Lane by Jim MitchellDove Cottage by Jim Mitchell80Dove Cottage by Jim MitchellA Home in Devon by Alfred de Breanski80A Home in Devon by Alfred de BreanskiFlower Cottage – Ireland by Roland Lee77Flower Cottage – Ireland by Roland Lee