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@blossomanddill on Instagram210@blossomanddill on InstagramAlstroemeria from Stop and Shop221Alstroemeria from Stop and ShopWilloughby trying my boot210Willoughby trying my bootRobert Hessler’s crystalline glaze208Robert Hessler’s crystalline glazeWinged gourds221Winged gourdsSkagen, Denmark208Skagen, DenmarkPortrait of Emma210Portrait of EmmaKitt and Trixie take a stroll208Kitt and Trixie take a strollQuarry Ridge kitten210Quarry Ridge kittenAnne’s salad210Anne’s saladHellebores208HelleboresLate sun on Norwegian island224Late sun on Norwegian islandSuzanne Berland’s handmade book209Suzanne Berland’s handmade bookSnow crocus210Snow crocuspotted iris209potted irisMaking Valentine Hearts210Making Valentine Hearts