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Alstroemeria from Stop and Shop221Alstroemeria from Stop and Shopfrom Instagram208from InstagramMore Stop and Shop Bouquets210More Stop and Shop BouquetsWest Palm Beach front yard208West Palm Beach front yardWilloughby trying my boot210Willoughby trying my bootValentine flowers from Stop and Stop210Valentine flowers from Stop and Stopfrom Instagram, a photo by derletztewolf210from Instagram, a photo by derletztewolfPhoto from derletztewolf on Instagram210Photo from derletztewolf on InstagramPalm208PalmSea Grapes210Sea GrapesBlind Path Park, Florida208Blind Path Park, FloridaLighthouse by Peter Holme (from Pinterest)209Lighthouse by Peter Holme (from Pinterest)Pink Alstroemeria210Pink AlstroemeriaCathy’s Elephant Seals210Cathy’s Elephant SealsJacquie Lawson’s New Year’s Card209Jacquie Lawson’s New Year’s CardEmma’s Christmas crown210Emma’s Christmas crownMaking a “Hairy” Basket208Making a “Hairy” BasketFreya Powell, painter210Freya Powell, painterFrom Hesnes school window210From Hesnes school windowFramed Puzzle208Framed Puzzle