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Sunset130SunsetPalms63PalmsLighthouse96LighthouseHarbor seal96Harbor sealBoats at the wharf96Boats at the wharfMountains peeking through clouds60Mountains peeking through cloudsCanada Goose, posing54Canada Goose, posingDark lingering clouds60Dark lingering cloudsStar Athena60Star AthenaGulls gulls, and more gulls60Gulls gulls, and more gullsWaves near lighthouse98Waves near lighthouseKayak in the waves96Kayak in the wavesHigh Tide96High TideSun rising120Sun risingBeautiful day at the beach96Beautiful day at the beachIt's SUPERWOMAN!96It's SUPERWOMAN!Push-ups on the beach98Push-ups on the beachCrashing waves120Crashing wavesFreighter120FreighterCrashing waves - H Gally130Crashing waves - H Gally