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20 puzzles tagged nature

Turtle48TurtleOh Canada48Oh CanadaNot so coy, Koi Fish48Not so coy, Koi FishPine cones54Pine conesPrickly twigs60Prickly twigsRow of bikes96Row of bikesCanada Goose, posing54Canada Goose, posingFoggy morning60Foggy morningBike riders lining up63Bike riders lining upWaves near lighthouse98Waves near lighthouseHigh Tide96High TideSun rising120Sun risingCrashing waves120Crashing wavesTwo gulls in the air120Two gulls in the airSwans on the move120Swans on the moveSeagull with clam120Seagull with clamLooking out the window162Looking out the windowA leaf in the muck160A leaf in the muckSeagulls disrupted120Seagulls disruptedEagles observing160Eagles observing