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Cathedral Sirecusa210Cathedral SirecusaThe Church of Saint-Nizier Lyon Fr192The Church of Saint-Nizier Lyon FrÉglise Saint-Georges Lyon Fr180Église Saint-Georges Lyon FrÉglise Notre Dame Saint-Vincent Lyon Fr210Église Notre Dame Saint-Vincent Lyon FrChapelle de la Vierge Lyon Fr208Chapelle de la Vierge Lyon FrCh Notre-Dame Dijon N Rose169Ch Notre-Dame Dijon N RoseCh Notre-Dame Dijon, S Rose169Ch Notre-Dame Dijon, S RoseCh Dijone Jacquemart Clock180Ch Dijone Jacquemart ClockCh Notre-Dame Dijon210Ch Notre-Dame DijonCthdrl Notre-Dame Dijon210Cthdrl Notre-Dame DijonAt Stephens, Bulgaria210At Stephens, BulgariaSanta Maria chaple192Santa Maria chapleEntry courtyard Siena209Entry courtyard SienaRose window outside Siena180Rose window outside SienaHillside Siena210Hillside SienaCathderal Siena208Cathderal SienaSt John Batst Kersk Crimea Ukraine208St John Batst Kersk Crimea Ukraine