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St. Anthony of Padua Church (Manhattan)110St. Anthony of Padua Church (Manhattan)The Basilica of Sant'Antonio di Padova108The Basilica of Sant'Antonio di PadovaThe remains of monastery Disibodenber90The remains of monastery DisibodenberFort Herkimer Church interior108Fort Herkimer Church interiorFort Herkimer Church108Fort Herkimer ChurchKidlington, St Mary the Virgin110Kidlington, St Mary the VirginHeddal Stave Church in Norway154Heddal Stave Church in NorwaySt. Blaise, Milton Manor, England198St. Blaise, Milton Manor, EnglandCathedral de Zamora192Cathedral de ZamoraBasilica De Tarragona192Basilica De TarragonaCathedral de Tui195Cathedral de TuiSt. Joan of Arc Chapel, Marquett Univ.150St. Joan of Arc Chapel, Marquett Univ.Montpellier Cathedral, FR192Montpellier Cathedral, FRSt Mary's Totnes England209St Mary's Totnes EnglandCluny Abbey, FR180Cluny Abbey, FRWoburn Abbey207Woburn AbbeyDunstable Priory209Dunstable PrioryNotre Dame d'Amiens, FR180Notre Dame d'Amiens, FRBasilica of St. Severin, Cologne, GR210Basilica of St. Severin, Cologne, GRGreat St. Martin Ch, Cologne, GR210Great St. Martin Ch, Cologne, GR