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Castle and town of Meersburg, from Lake Constance112Castle and town of Meersburg, from Lake ConstanceChâteau de Pierrefonds, France, front entrance,108Château de Pierrefonds, France, front entrance,Swallow's Nest castle on the Aurora cliffs of cape Ai-Todor108Swallow's Nest castle on the Aurora cliffs of cape Ai-TodorÖrebro Castle, Sweden, day time shot108Örebro Castle, Sweden, day time shotChâteau de Marqueyssac110Château de MarqueyssacCrom Castle, Ireland112Crom Castle, IrelandBratislava castle Sigismund Gate108Bratislava castle Sigismund GateKenilworth Castle gatehouse112Kenilworth Castle gatehouseWarwick Castle Caesar tower110Warwick Castle Caesar towerArundel Castle's Courtyard112Arundel Castle's CourtyardArundel Castle, old wall meets new, England108Arundel Castle, old wall meets new, EnglandHeidelberg Castle112Heidelberg CastleKsiąż Castle, Poland108Książ Castle, PolandSchloss Rheydt East Wing110Schloss Rheydt East WingSchloss Rheydt North Wing108Schloss Rheydt North WingThe Steiner Tor in Krems110The Steiner Tor in KremsWachau valley Schallaburg Castle112Wachau valley Schallaburg CastleLittle Pheasant Castle at Morizburg Castle108Little Pheasant Castle at Morizburg CastleSchloss Moritzburg Castle close up108Schloss Moritzburg Castle close upStirling Castle, Main Gate120Stirling Castle, Main Gate