Hi! Thanks for stopping by my puzzle page! So far I have 21 albums, including categories such as animals🐱, flowers🌼, nature🌿, food🍞, art🎨, fashion👠, architecture🏯 and holidays🎅. Most of my puzzles are set between 60-150 pieces, but of course can be customized to any number. Happy puzzling! :)


potw 406×
cute 253×
animal 239×
green 191×
pink 179×
cat 176×
flowers 161×
doll 149×
nature 147×
blue 142×


Crochet Heart Couple63Crochet Heart CoupleWatercolor Heart Cookies88Watercolor Heart CookiesKites80KitesKite Festival100Kite FestivalReflecting Cat70Reflecting CatDalmatian63DalmatianI Like to Lick a Latte63I Like to Lick a LatteBlending In56Blending InThe Rare Unicat80The Rare UnicatSusan Herbert, Melody120Susan Herbert, Melody


AlbumCoverNatureAlbumCoverFlowersAlbumCoverDollsAlbumCoverFood & DrinkAlbumCoverFashionAlbumCoverPaintingsAlbumCoverCutenessAlbumCoverAnimalsAlbumCoverCatsAlbumCoverDogs