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Shadow-Big Bear- Oct 202070Shadow-Big Bear- Oct 2020Female Harris Hawk54Female Harris HawkDecorah, Iowa 201950Decorah, Iowa 2019Big Bear Lake Adult 201848Big Bear Lake Adult 2018Bald Eagle talons35Bald Eagle talonsHarriet of SWFL, photo by Trish R.48Harriet of SWFL, photo by Trish R.Champion, of Twin Harbors,Catalina Aug 16 202049Champion, of Twin Harbors,Catalina Aug 16 2020Montana , OWL family 202032Montana , OWL family 2020Marco Island Bald Eagle42Marco Island Bald EagleKillldeer49KillldeerBarn Owl in Flight48Barn Owl in FlightGHO in AZ63GHO in AZSWFL Fledgling E-1548SWFL Fledgling E-15A Stunning Osprey in Arizona80A Stunning Osprey in ArizonaGabrielle of NE Florida nest60Gabrielle of NE Florida nestGabby and Romy70Gabby and RomyMy pic of Jackie, July 2018, Big Bear70My pic of Jackie, July 2018, Big BearThunder & Superman 2019 West End Catalina72Thunder & Superman 2019 West End CatalinaDecorah, Iowa trio 201056Decorah, Iowa trio 2010Fierce Adult Bald Eagle77Fierce Adult Bald Eagle