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Two turtle doves25Two turtle dovesThe 16th Ave Tiled Steps, San Fransisco, Ca.35The 16th Ave Tiled Steps, San Fransisco, Ca.Ladybug mosaic42Ladybug mosaicMosaic Lizard54Mosaic LizardMosaic Frog40Mosaic FrogPieces of glass20Pieces of glasscolored glass35colored glassGlass ornament24Glass ornamentGolden mosaic32Golden mosaicWood grain45Wood grainVelvet24VelvetPaisley pattern36Paisley patternAnimal skins patterns56Animal skins patternsMoon and Sun42Moon and SunMan made of stones20Man made of stonesTextures50TexturesPieces of color63Pieces of colorRows of tiles50Rows of tilesSundial Mosaic48Sundial MosaicMosaic color 149Mosaic color 1