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trees (75)
autumn (73)
beach (72)

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Beehive Ginger flowers30Beehive Ginger flowersFront Entrance30Front EntranceEnglish Garden of Zen42English Garden of ZenMain Street Bridge in Conway45Main Street Bridge in ConwayAspens by the creek35Aspens by the creekPalm Desert at dusk36Palm Desert at duskJackson Hole, Wyoming42Jackson Hole, WyomingNear Ashville , No. Carolina40Near Ashville , No. Carolina200 year old cherry tree, Japan42200 year old cherry tree, JapanNorth Caineville Mesa, Utah45North Caineville Mesa, UtahWildlife Preserve, Wainsville, Ohio42Wildlife Preserve, Wainsville, OhioSheep in the field35Sheep in the fieldLibyan, Sahara35Libyan, SaharaYellow waterfall35Yellow waterfallSwain County, No. Carolina35Swain County, No. CarolinaOn Kawai42On KawaiGlorious Colorado54Glorious ColoradoKomoda National Park, Indonesia40Komoda National Park, IndonesiaRainbow river28Rainbow riverGreat escape40Great escape