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Watercolor 2 by Marney Ward42Watercolor 2 by Marney WardSiberian Iris,42Siberian Iris,Floral Watercolor by Marne Ward35Floral Watercolor by Marne WardOrange Sherbet35Orange SherbetCarpet of wildflowers48Carpet of wildflowersCactus flowers24Cactus flowersPurple floral Painting, in acrylic42Purple floral Painting, in acrylicGarden in Herefordshire, England48Garden in Herefordshire, EnglandAmazing gardens80Amazing gardensHere kitty kitty35Here kitty kittyGarden in Pennsylvania70Garden in PennsylvaniaPlumeria in the desert42Plumeria in the desertSunday Bouquet42Sunday BouquetFall Colors48Fall Colorswhite picket fence floral,45white picket fence floral,Sunflowers54SunflowersRosey50RoseyJapanese Blossoms42Japanese Blossomspurple floral blooms40purple floral bloomsMonarch in Plato , TX36Monarch in Plato , TX