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Arizona eagle 'Bandit'.36Arizona eagle 'Bandit'.Big Cats24Big CatsBuckle up Junior20Buckle up JuniorGiraffe family24Giraffe familyAzuki the hedgehog goes canoeing.30Azuki the hedgehog goes canoeing.It's mine!25It's mine!Xmas in the woods24Xmas in the woodsCats on the window sill35Cats on the window sillBroome Beach Resort, Australia24Broome Beach Resort, AustraliaAnimal pals35Animal palsCat Art24Cat ArtBig Cat Nap35Big Cat NapListen to your heart20Listen to your heartVisiting Cat24Visiting CatBuck on the hill24Buck on the hillListen little one...24Listen little one...Young Snowy Owl36Young Snowy OwlHorses, oil on canvas42Horses, oil on canvasSea creature24Sea creatureCat love painting30Cat love painting