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Cold Full Moon, over Salisbury Cathedral, UK24Cold Full Moon, over Salisbury Cathedral, UKHarbor boats35Harbor boatsYellow Autumn in Massachusetts35Yellow Autumn in MassachusettsAzuki the hedgehog goes canoeing.30Azuki the hedgehog goes canoeing.Tye Dye28Tye DyeGrand Falls , Arizona20Grand Falls , ArizonaNight view35Night viewabundance of flowers30abundance of flowersCat abstract art30Cat abstract arthttps://explore.org/livecams/kitten-rescue/kitten-rescue-cam?fbc20https://explore.org/livecams/kitten-rescue/kitten-rescue-cam?fbcHarrier Hawk on Frasier Point nest now24Harrier Hawk on Frasier Point nest nowLake Cottage, Sweden28Lake Cottage, SwedenAkecheta & Thunder on NY Day32Akecheta & Thunder on NY DayOcean view from cliff30Ocean view from cliffStone house in the woods35Stone house in the woodsCamera shot28Camera shotCoastline near Big Sur, California35Coastline near Big Sur, CaliforniaMassabecic lake, New Hampshire40Massabecic lake, New HampshirePainting by Karen Mathison Schmidt36Painting by Karen Mathison SchmidtFairy Penguins24Fairy Penguins