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Rare Black Rainbow Rose36Rare Black Rainbow RoseSleeping owl36Sleeping owlInsects and Flowers24Insects and FlowersBy Pam Carter , oil .42By Pam Carter , oil .Glass Half Full36Glass Half FullReflections on water35Reflections on waterBird foliage art30Bird foliage artBlue Stare by Dean Russo42Blue Stare by Dean RussoWickenburg, Arizona , Sunrise40Wickenburg, Arizona , SunriseLake Havasu City, Arizona35Lake Havasu City, ArizonaBaby owl30Baby owlSplash of color25Splash of colorDriftwood abstract painting35Driftwood abstract paintingArt with foliage25Art with foliageRose collage24Rose collageSea World35Sea WorldOil painting by Olga Suvorova30Oil painting by Olga SuvorovaCoachella Valley rainbow30Coachella Valley rainbowTree near Lake Superior28Tree near Lake SuperiorLone bench at the lake30Lone bench at the lake