I just love it when you hear that click sound as a piece of the puzzle fits!


scenic (131)
bald (76)
sunset (71)
eagle (58)
lake (58)
birds (52)
bird (39)
cats (37)
desert (37)
flowers (37)

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SUNSHINE80SUNSHINEThe Mission Inn, Riverside California80The Mission Inn, Riverside CaliforniaParental love70Parental loveCoyote Butte South, Arizona63Coyote Butte South, ArizonaThe Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA63The Living Desert, Palm Desert, CADeath Valley, National park70Death Valley, National parkBirds if flight70Birds if flightPink tufts of clouds35Pink tufts of cloudsI can do this!70I can do this!Owl love48Owl love

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