food (65)
painting (36)
art (35)
dessert (30)
dress (25)
flowers (20)
colour (19)
garden (17)
color (16)
cosy (15)
woman (15)
park (14)
royal (14)
sweet (14)
trees (14)
autumn (13)
winter (13)
queen (12)
sweets (12)
colourful (11)

30 puzzles tagged dessert
Tags to specify: +confections +truffles +helado +pastries +snacks +donuts +food +sweets +sweet +chocolate

Bueñuelos - donut holes15Bueñuelos - donut holesBrioche donuts and honey glace24Brioche donuts and honey glaceFrench crullers24French crullersTea Time-Tematyco - Villa La Angostura, Argentina28Tea Time-Tematyco - Villa La Angostura, ArgentinaTartas y tortas- Villa la Angostura, Neuquén- Argentina40Tartas y tortas- Villa la Angostura, Neuquén- ArgentinaMelon and watermelon40Melon and watermelonCoffee-cup-cookies-macaron48Coffee-cup-cookies-macaronChurros with chocolate24Churros with chocolateColourful macarons35Colourful macaronsHand-Painted-Earl-Grey-Macarons35Hand-Painted-Earl-Grey-MacaronsYou scream, I scream, everybody screams for ice cream56You scream, I scream, everybody screams for ice creamIce cream55Ice creamGelato63Gelatoafternoon tea - Wales48afternoon tea - WalesChristmas biscuits/cookies/treats60Christmas biscuits/cookies/treatsBrigadeiro gourmet45Brigadeiro gourmetCoconut trufles - cocadas40Coconut trufles - cocadasIndian sweets42Indian sweetsCentral European desserts35Central European dessertsBunter Teller - German pastries36Bunter Teller - German pastries