Admiring the sunset252Admiring the sunsetMy high horse225My high horseFlamingo flock273Flamingo flockJapanese cranes300Japanese cranesBuck at dawn - B. Candleforth221Buck at dawn - B. CandleforthDeers at dawn221Deers at dawnWinter-grazing252Winter-grazingFamily of three228Family of threeKeeping close220Keeping closeJellyfish240JellyfishFlutterbies, credit: dreamlikedesign(dA)225Flutterbies, credit: dreamlikedesign(dA)The real deal, credit: lady-tori(dA)300The real deal, credit: lady-tori(dA)Shy sumatran tiger, credit: moonsongwolf(dA)221Shy sumatran tiger, credit: moonsongwolf(dA)Kitty up close, credit: zerentoktas(dA)289Kitty up close, credit: zerentoktas(dA)Those colours are alive credit: woxys(dA)252Those colours are alive credit: woxys(dA)Roe deer, credit: annarigby(dA)240Roe deer, credit: annarigby(dA)Canis lupus lupus, credit: whitespiritwolf300Canis lupus lupus, credit: whitespiritwolfStellar, credit: mylifethroughthelens(dA)300Stellar, credit: mylifethroughthelens(dA)Relaxing in the morning light of autumn, credit: kkart(dA)300Relaxing in the morning light of autumn, credit: kkart(dA)All eyes on me, credit: blutr0t(dA)225All eyes on me, credit: blutr0t(dA)