beautiful 1049×
animal 527×
landscape 489×
colorful 473×
mammal 400×
water 399×
wildlife 380×
scenery 345×
wild 292×
nature 258×
architecture 252×
scenic 247×
ocean 201×
africa 190×
autumn 172×
fall 155×
trees 153×
herbivore 145×
structure 130×
fall colors 129×

292 puzzles tagged wild

Mandarin Duck Dead On288Mandarin Duck Dead OnNotched Ear Lioness35Notched Ear LionessMama and Calf on the Plains288Mama and Calf on the PlainsGiraffes Under Trees289Giraffes Under TreesMandarin Duck Portrait286Mandarin Duck PortraitLone Wolf24Lone WolfRose-crowned Fruit Dove280Rose-crowned Fruit DoveMale Pheasant Portrait294Male Pheasant PortraitMandrill24MandrillBounding Springbok36Bounding SpringbokRed Hartebeest289Red HartebeestKangaroo Watching225Kangaroo WatchingWhite Rhino28White RhinoEurasian Wolf160Eurasian WolfTesting the Air30Testing the AirMale Lion Watching289Male Lion WatchingLioness on Watch280Lioness on WatchExquisitely Colored Hummingbird286Exquisitely Colored HummingbirdGrazing Zebras289Grazing ZebrasMuddy Bull Elephant30Muddy Bull Elephant