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195 puzzles tagged yarn
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Baby blanket160Baby blanketBaby blanket160Baby blanketLots of yarn156Lots of yarnGranny square blanket160Granny square blanketHandmade blanket160Handmade blanketGranny circles160Granny circlesGranny squares156Granny squaresCrochet circles160Crochet circlesKnitted pillows156Knitted pillowsSticks and string160Sticks and stringMulti colored yarn156Multi colored yarnBright colored yarn150Bright colored yarnGranny squares150Granny squaresCrochet150CrochetGreen blanket150Green blanketPink and gray yarn144Pink and gray yarnMulticolor yarn150Multicolor yarnlots o yarn150lots o yarnColorful yarn150Colorful yarndouble knit scarf150double knit scarf