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Grilled burgers18Grilled burgersSpices20SpicesTex- Mex Tacos, rice and beans20Tex- Mex Tacos, rice and beansTex-Mex, Enchiladas, rice and beans20Tex-Mex, Enchiladas, rice and beansIce cream, waffles and fruit24Ice cream, waffles and fruitMargarita and Mexican food20Margarita and Mexican foodWine with feast in Cyprus20Wine with feast in CyprusRestaurant in Paris18Restaurant in ParisDonington tea trays20Donington tea traysBridal luncheon18Bridal luncheonLuncheon fruit and salad tray15Luncheon fruit and salad trayChefs, cooks at work20Chefs, cooks at workDessert tray at Mythe Barn20Dessert tray at Mythe BarnSalmon entree at Mythe Barn15Salmon entree at Mythe BarnWedding banquet table with flowers15Wedding banquet table with flowersDessert offerings20Dessert offeringsRose shaped melon plate20Rose shaped melon plateCheese, fruit and breads20Cheese, fruit and breadsSupper buffet table20Supper buffet tableCanape, hors d'oeuvre, appetizer tray two18Canape, hors d'oeuvre, appetizer tray two