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christmas (116)
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winter (91)
collage (88)
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children (26)
santa (21)
illustration (18)
girls (16)
girl (12)
houses (12)
illustrations (12)

91 puzzles tagged winter
Tags to specify: +"victoria effa" +"ray cresswell" +"barbara behr"

Christmas village40Christmas villageChristmas tree54Christmas treeChristmas town42Christmas townSledging48SledgingChristmas tree35Christmas treeSanta Claus48Santa ClausLittle girl at the rink56Little girl at the rinkChristmas card30Christmas cardVillage in winter54Village in winterChristmas Eve54Christmas EveSanta on the roof54Santa on the roofcottage in winter48cottage in winterChildren and snowman30Children and snowmanSledging54SledgingSledging42SledgingUp on the Rooftop35Up on the RooftopSquirrel15SquirrelCinderella16CinderellaBirds in winter45Birds in winterWinter evening54Winter evening