Living in Calvados, France. Have always liked jigsaws, but the cats try to help, so on line is perfect for me. Thank you to everybody for adding your puzzles of varying styles - excellent.


street 25×
car 22×
barcelona 17×
carol 17×
marriott 17×
2cv 12×
france 12×
citroen 10×

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The Bargate, Southampton77The Bargate, SouthamptonThe Junction, Southampton77The Junction, SouthamptonFloating Bridge60Floating BridgeThe Avenue77The Avenue1941 Newspaper Office1171941 Newspaper OfficeAbove Bar between wars (1930s)120Above Bar between wars (1930s)Najac encore99Najac encoreNajac204Najac190317_fire0399190317_fire03Battersea198960Battersea1989


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