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School-Days204School-DaysToronto Fair - CNE 1915204Toronto Fair - CNE 1915The Strollers192The StrollersI Live Uptown168I Live UptownThe Subway Glide192The Subway GlideFootloose192FootlooseFifty Million Frenchmen192Fifty Million FrenchmenLe printemps168Le printempsPig-skin Peters168Pig-skin PetersButterflies-dance180Butterflies-danceThe Strollers168The StrollersStrolling168StrollingCompositions by Rosa Locke168Compositions by Rosa LockeYears roll by168Years roll bySail on!168Sail on!Florine Waltz170Florine WaltzCozy corner at home160Cozy corner at homeSnyder's Furniture Ltd. Sani-bilt sofa168Snyder's Furniture Ltd. Sani-bilt sofaIn the Garden of My Heart150In the Garden of My HeartSweet Lilas150Sweet Lilas