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CNE-MusicDay-1957204CNE-MusicDay-1957Caribana-1967-VarsityStadium168Caribana-1967-VarsityStadiumCaribana-1967-CityHall168Caribana-1967-CityHallCaribana-1967-CentreIsland168Caribana-1967-CentreIsland1968 Miss Canada contestants - hair-do1601968 Miss Canada contestants - hair-doPsychedelic Hair Salon 1969160Psychedelic Hair Salon 1969Azan's Beauty World long hair 1969150Azan's Beauty World long hair 1969Azan's Beauty World short hair 1969150Azan's Beauty World short hair 1969Poodle grooming144Poodle groomingNurses Capped Scarbrough150Nurses Capped ScarbroughMy Red Cross Girl Farewell150My Red Cross Girl FarewellVEday-Toronto-04140VEday-Toronto-04VEday-Toronto-03140VEday-Toronto-03VEday-Toronto-02143VEday-Toronto-02VEday-Toronto-01-puzzle140VEday-Toronto-01-puzzlehorse Willie The Kid 1940160horse Willie The Kid 1940Cows 1954165Cows 1954kitten, horse, Woodbine Racetrack130kitten, horse, Woodbine RacetrackPoodle Party 1961120Poodle Party 1961TTC station opening, Toronto, March 1954120TTC station opening, Toronto, March 1954