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Blind girl~John Everett Millais88Blind girl~John Everett MillaisA Village Street~99A Village Street~Elegantes au Marche des fleurs~ Victor Gilbert fine art99Elegantes au Marche des fleurs~ Victor Gilbert fine artValley Homestead~ JohnSloane96Valley Homestead~ JohnSloaneEnsigns of Spring~88Ensigns of Spring~Chicken Yard~ Oleg Gavrilov99Chicken Yard~ Oleg GavrilovBreakfast in the Garden~ Frederick Carl Frieseke90Breakfast in the Garden~ Frederick Carl FriesekePerfect Spring Day~ AbrahamHunter99Perfect Spring Day~ AbrahamHunterLa Marmora family~ Pietro Ayers90La Marmora family~ Pietro AyersWater Sprite or Siren~ W.H.Margetson90Water Sprite or Siren~ W.H.MargetsonIreland~ BobPettes96Ireland~ BobPettesSpring Mill~ AbrahamHunter99Spring Mill~ AbrahamHunterThe Grand Duchesses Yelena & Alexandra~88The Grand Duchesses Yelena & Alexandra~Street Cafe Paris~ KondakovaLyudmila96Street Cafe Paris~ KondakovaLyudmilaThe Message~ AntonioGargiullo88The Message~ AntonioGargiulloAn Apple a Day~Ben Hur Baz70An Apple a Day~Ben Hur BazHairCuts ~ SusanBrabeau99HairCuts ~ SusanBrabeauAngling for a Good Catch~ Cesare Augusto Detti88Angling for a Good Catch~ Cesare Augusto DettiLighthouse village~ MAVessey99Lighthouse village~ MAVesseyDaffodils~ Sydney Percy Kendrich88Daffodils~ Sydney Percy Kendrich