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Spring Gazebo~ SungKim dsktpnxus 1024x768-1199Spring Gazebo~ SungKim dsktpnxus 1024x768-11Spring Ahead~ JohnSloane98Spring Ahead~ JohnSloaneBaby Ducks~ Arthur John Elsley88Baby Ducks~ Arthur John ElsleyThe Lost Kite~ R Fair99The Lost Kite~ R FairPath by the Millpond~ Richard Henry Brock88Path by the Millpond~ Richard Henry BrockSpring Visitors- JohnSloane99Spring Visitors- JohnSloaneSandalstrand~ NikolaiAstrup99Sandalstrand~ NikolaiAstrupA Quiet Evening~ ThomasKinkade99A Quiet Evening~ ThomasKinkadeBlind girl~John Everett Millais88Blind girl~John Everett MillaisValley Homestead~ JohnSloane96Valley Homestead~ JohnSloaneChicken Yard~ Oleg Gavrilov99Chicken Yard~ Oleg GavrilovPerfect Spring Day~ AbrahamHunter99Perfect Spring Day~ AbrahamHunterSpring Mill~ AbrahamHunter99Spring Mill~ AbrahamHunterRose Bushes & Cottage by Water~ PederMork Mønsted fine ar99Rose Bushes & Cottage by Water~ PederMork Mønsted fine arCottage With Gazebo~ DLewan99Cottage With Gazebo~ DLewanSpecial Delivery~ JohnSloane99Special Delivery~ JohnSloaneLakeside Cottage~ SungKim99Lakeside Cottage~ SungKimDove Cottage~ JimMitchell99Dove Cottage~ JimMitchellSpring Song99Spring SongBeautiful Hacienda~ ArturoZarraga 1400x93696Beautiful Hacienda~ ArturoZarraga 1400x936