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Spring Painting~99Spring Painting~Picking Flowers~ RFair99Picking Flowers~ RFairThe Lost Kite~ R Fair99The Lost Kite~ R FairMaple Syrup Collection ~PersisClaytonWeirs99Maple Syrup Collection ~PersisClaytonWeirsTo Grandma's House~ JohnSloane99To Grandma's House~ JohnSloaneBlessed & Thankful~ JohnZaccheo99Blessed & Thankful~ JohnZaccheoPumpkin Time~ R Fair99Pumpkin Time~ R FairRoom for One More~ JohnSloane99Room for One More~ JohnSloaneAutumn Traditions~ GeorgeKovach HD wp98Autumn Traditions~ GeorgeKovach HD wpApple Sale at the Farm~ RFair99Apple Sale at the Farm~ RFairFall Fishing~ John Sloane99Fall Fishing~ John SloaneFall County Fair~ CissyBuchanan99Fall County Fair~ CissyBuchananSchoolHouse~ JohnSloane99SchoolHouse~ JohnSloaneHigh Noon~ JohnSloane99High Noon~ JohnSloaneRailway Crossing~ JohnSloane99Railway Crossing~ JohnSloaneTroitsin Day~ Boris Kostodiev90Troitsin Day~ Boris KostodievThe Old Brewery~ Wilkerson HD 1200 × 85799The Old Brewery~ Wilkerson HD 1200 × 857Kites Over the Farm~ MAVessey99Kites Over the Farm~ MAVesseyLet it Snow~ JohnSloane99Let it Snow~ JohnSloaneThanksgiving Day~ AbrahamHunter99Thanksgiving Day~ AbrahamHunter