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1421 puzzles tagged farm
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After the Chores~ BobPettes99After the Chores~ BobPettesEarly Light~ JohnSloane99Early Light~ JohnSloaneFamily Picnic~ MarySingleton99Family Picnic~ MarySingletonJust Married~ JohnSloane99Just Married~ JohnSloaneGoing Cheep~ KeithStapleton99Going Cheep~ KeithStapletonPicnic for Two~ JohnSloane100Picnic for Two~ JohnSloaneHomemade Jam & Jelly~ SHenke99Homemade Jam & Jelly~ SHenkeCurious Calf~ BonnieWhite99Curious Calf~ BonnieWhiteDown at the Creek~ JohnSloane99Down at the Creek~ JohnSloaneDreams for the Future~ JOhnSloane99Dreams for the Future~ JOhnSloaneGarden Quilting~99Garden Quilting~The Farm~ Charles Freitag99The Farm~ Charles FreitagBlacksmith~ JohnSloane  1023x76699Blacksmith~ JohnSloane 1023x766Grazing ~ Debbie Cook99Grazing ~ Debbie CookQuilt Barn~ Bonnie White99Quilt Barn~ Bonnie WhiteTo the Fields~ JohnSloane99To the Fields~ JohnSloaneAt the Gate~ JohnSloane99At the Gate~ JohnSloaneFishing Lesson~ MAVessey99Fishing Lesson~ MAVesseyBarnyard Morning~ CindyMangutz99Barnyard Morning~ CindyMangutzSpring Plowing~ RFair99Spring Plowing~ RFair