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Barn Antiques-Ruxton 1930 Harry Anderson99Barn Antiques-Ruxton 1930 Harry AndersonPlay Time ~ DonEngler99Play Time ~ DonEnglerJoy of Spring~Arthur John Elsley99Joy of Spring~Arthur John ElsleySmitten~ Art Frahm70Smitten~ Art FrahmSunny Day in London~99Sunny Day in London~The Scent of Spring~ JohnSloane99The Scent of Spring~ JohnSloaneRomantic Cottage~ Arturo Zarraga99Romantic Cottage~ Arturo ZarragaThe Ransom~ John Everett Millais90The Ransom~ John Everett MillaisDad's Day Off~ Harry Anderson99Dad's Day Off~ Harry AndersonFarm Country~ Steve Klein99Farm Country~ Steve KleinNew Friends~ BonnieWhite99New Friends~ BonnieWhiteThe New Mare~ Susan Henke99The New Mare~ Susan HenkeA Child's Love~ Jan Frederik Pieter Portielje90A Child's Love~ Jan Frederik Pieter PortieljeBackyard Barbecue~ Dohanos100Backyard Barbecue~ DohanosRoche Harbor~ R VanBeek99Roche Harbor~ R VanBeekSpring Fayre~ DerekRoberts99Spring Fayre~ DerekRobertsApple Valley~ Mary Singleton99Apple Valley~ Mary SingletonCrowd at Nieuwe Markt-Rotterdam~ Jacob Akkersijk99Crowd at Nieuwe Markt-Rotterdam~ Jacob AkkersijkBetsy's New Dress100Betsy's New DressAiring the Quilts~ JuliePaceHoff99Airing the Quilts~ JuliePaceHoff