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Santa's Special Delivery~ MarcelloCorti99Santa's Special Delivery~ MarcelloCortiSnow Creations~ SamTimm99Snow Creations~ SamTimmEnfants et Noël~ Carl Larsson96Enfants et Noël~ Carl LarssonDear Santa~96Dear Santa~Festive Moments~ WoosterScott christmas99Festive Moments~ WoosterScott christmasRed Sleigh Barn~ GeraldineAikman99Red Sleigh Barn~ GeraldineAikmanDecember Memories~ Christine Carey99December Memories~ Christine CareyThe Carol Singers~91The Carol Singers~Bus Stop at Christmas~ StevanDohanos81Bus Stop at Christmas~ StevanDohanosHoliday in Chemnitz~ Advent Calendar99Holiday in Chemnitz~ Advent CalendarChristmas Tree Farm~ MarySingleton99Christmas Tree Farm~ MarySingletonOver the Covered Bridge~ Nicky Boehmen99Over the Covered Bridge~ Nicky BoehmenNeighborly Greetings - Doles to Poor & Needy~88Neighborly Greetings - Doles to Poor & Needy~Christmas Porridge~ Jenny Nystrom swedish tomte99Christmas Porridge~ Jenny Nystrom swedish tomteCountry Home~99Country Home~Christmas at Home~ DominicDavison99Christmas at Home~ DominicDavisonCaught Napping~99Caught Napping~Madonna of the Fir Tree~ MStokes88Madonna of the Fir Tree~ MStokesFather Christmas w Angel~ Edwardian Christmas card99Father Christmas w Angel~ Edwardian Christmas cardForest Cottage Advent Calendar Calendar96Forest Cottage Advent Calendar Calendar