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Hillside Church~100Hillside Church~Romantic Supper in Venice99Romantic Supper in VeniceDinner for Two~ AbrahamHunter99Dinner for Two~ AbrahamHunterLancelot and Guinevere~90Lancelot and Guinevere~Shipboard Romance~90Shipboard Romance~Clock Shop~ Mary Thompson96Clock Shop~ Mary ThompsonEarly Arrivals~ JohnSloane99Early Arrivals~ JohnSloaneHouse w Garden Facing the Sea~99House w Garden Facing the Sea~The Music Party~ EK Johnson90The Music Party~ EK JohnsonOut for a Ride~ Norman Rockwell99Out for a Ride~ Norman RockwellEarly Spring Arrivals~100Early Spring Arrivals~Country Store~ TomWood99Country Store~ TomWoodStill Life with Chinese Soup Dish~ JeanneSelmersheim-Desgrange99Still Life with Chinese Soup Dish~ JeanneSelmersheim-DesgrangeThe Christening~ Arturo Ricci99The Christening~ Arturo RicciValentine Exchange~ Wee Wisdom magazine art81Valentine Exchange~ Wee Wisdom magazine artWhat Comes Around~ Trains99What Comes Around~ TrainsCalled to Praise~ KyleWood99Called to Praise~ KyleWoodCobble Hill Flower Shop~99Cobble Hill Flower Shop~The Flirtation~ Alex de Andreis99The Flirtation~ Alex de AndreisWinking Window Washer~ NormanRockwell80Winking Window Washer~ NormanRockwell