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Winter Evening~ MarkKeathley99Winter Evening~ MarkKeathleyHow It's Done~ MerryKhonBuvia99How It's Done~ MerryKhonBuviaCornelia Ward with Her Children~ MicheleGordigiani99Cornelia Ward with Her Children~ MicheleGordigianiLine for the Movie~ vintage magazine art80Line for the Movie~ vintage magazine artWillow Brook School~ Holodook99Willow Brook School~ HolodookEvening Reflections~ John Sloane99Evening Reflections~ John SloaneSnowy Indigo Evening~ DianePhalen99Snowy Indigo Evening~ DianePhalenReading~ Ulisse Caputo Italian, 1872-194899Reading~ Ulisse Caputo Italian, 1872-1948Sledding~ magazine art vintage77Sledding~ magazine art vintageReady for School~ Pauline Paquin99Ready for School~ Pauline PaquinWinter Road~ TMitchell99Winter Road~ TMitchellSchool Field Trip~ KenZylla96School Field Trip~ KenZyllaThe Visit~ Rinaldo Giudici88The Visit~ Rinaldo GiudiciWinter Skate~99Winter Skate~Snow Party at the Mill~ MaryThompson99Snow Party at the Mill~ MaryThompsonLet it Snow~ Bonnie White99Let it Snow~ Bonnie WhiteIce Festival~ KathyJakobson99Ice Festival~ KathyJakobsonHis Old Wedding Hat~ Charles Spencelayh99His Old Wedding Hat~ Charles SpencelayhWinter Carnival~ vintage ad art80Winter Carnival~ vintage ad artAlternative Transportation~ MerryKohnBuvia90Alternative Transportation~ MerryKohnBuvia