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32 results for pup dog setter
Words to specify: +irish +doggy +rollicking +redhead +puppy +"st. patrick's day" +patrick's +sleepy +relax +st.

Parade Ready16Parade ReadyGuiness Irish Setter6Guiness Irish SetterThe Real Irish16The Real IrishSalsa12SalsaPicante on Pace's Bed25Picante on Pace's BedSleepy Setter20Sleepy SetterTired Boy20Tired BoyNo, I'll stay here on the couch.25No, I'll stay here on the couch.Groomed? But all the chest & toe hair is so cute!16Groomed? But all the chest & toe hair is so cute!We Look Good On This Tile24We Look Good On This TileTake My Picture16Take My PictureUmm...Butterfly, you are on my nose!30Umm...Butterfly, you are on my nose!Day Dreaming25Day DreamingReal Redhead30Real RedheadWell, would you look at that...30Well, would you look at that...Are you talking to me?24Are you talking to me?Cool Off with a Snowy Irish Setter24Cool Off with a Snowy Irish SetterReady To Rollick28Ready To RollickLaying Down25Laying DownI love uplighting.12I love uplighting.