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1973 MGB GT241973 MGB GT1990 Rover Mini Cooper on Westminster bridge241990 Rover Mini Cooper on Westminster bridge1948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith241948 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith1936 Horch 853 sport cabriolet241936 Horch 853 sport cabriolet1974 Jensen Healey241974 Jensen Healey1952 Triumph Mayflower241952 Triumph Mayflower1947 MG Y Type241947 MG Y Type1975 Ford Granada MK1 3.0 Ghia coupe251975 Ford Granada MK1 3.0 Ghia coupeDKW IFA F924DKW IFA F91950 Wolseley 6/80241950 Wolseley 6/801938 Standard Flying 12241938 Standard Flying 12Ford Lotus Cortina Mk11 police car24Ford Lotus Cortina Mk11 police carMorris Commercial in need of restoration20Morris Commercial in need of restoration1970 RoverP5B241970 RoverP5B1962 Hillman Minx241962 Hillman MinxFalcon MK11 works racer24Falcon MK11 works racer1951 Bristol 401241951 Bristol 4011949 Ford Anglia241949 Ford Anglia1949 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn241949 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn1965 Jaguar E Type241965 Jaguar E Type