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20 puzzles tagged building

Cavendish Suffolk24Cavendish SuffolkWindmills On Santorini24Windmills On SantoriniVenice24VeniceWhitby North Yorkshire24Whitby North YorkshireGoddards Country House Surry24Goddards Country House SurryFlorence Roof Tops28Florence Roof TopsMedieval walls of Carcassonne24Medieval walls of CarcassonneBougainvillaea flowers on Santorini24Bougainvillaea flowers on SantoriniEilean Donan Castle Scotland21Eilean Donan Castle ScotlandTaj Mahal Agra25Taj Mahal AgraSt Johns Newfoundland24St Johns NewfoundlandSchloss Moritzburg Saxony24Schloss Moritzburg SaxonyVianden Castle Luxembourg24Vianden Castle LuxembourgGlamis Castle Scotland24Glamis Castle ScotlandBodiam castle East Sussex24Bodiam castle East SussexEilean Donan Castle Scotland24Eilean Donan Castle ScotlandThe Backs Kings College Cambridge24The Backs Kings College CambridgeBeautiful sunny day over Collioure France24Beautiful sunny day over Collioure FranceSantorini24SantoriniIcelandic houses24Icelandic houses