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Handsome Newfie24Handsome NewfieKomodo Dragon24Komodo DragonSalty old sea dog24Salty old sea dogJaguar on the prowl24Jaguar on the prowlI'll hold the lead25I'll hold the leadTaking the kids out24Taking the kids outFor when it's wet outside24For when it's wet outsideJaguar24JaguarWalrus24WalrusRed Squirrel24Red SquirrelScarlet Macaw24Scarlet MacawCute puppies24Cute puppiesCute bears35Cute bearsHarvest mouse24Harvest mouseGalloping shires24Galloping shiresUS mounted colour guard reenactment24US mounted colour guard reenactmentShires at work24Shires at workThe Lone Ranger (Hi Ho Silver Away)25The Lone Ranger (Hi Ho Silver Away)Horses of the Camargue24Horses of the CamargueHorse racing24Horse racing