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Exploring kitten30Exploring kittenI see you30I see youAdorable kitten by Lucie Bilodeau24Adorable kitten by Lucie BilodeauHappy Valentine's Day!30Happy Valentine's Day!Kitten amongst Dandelions42Kitten amongst DandelionsRainbow Cat Cave42Rainbow Cat CaveBeauty30BeautyBlue-eyed kitty30Blue-eyed kittyIn dreams...30In dreams...Cute fluffy kittens30Cute fluffy kittensWhite Kitten & Puppy28White Kitten & PuppySummer fragance by Lucie Bilodeau24Summer fragance by Lucie BilodeauCat30CatKitten30KittenCat painting by Lucie Bilodeau25Cat painting by Lucie BilodeauMeditation30MeditationResting in the garden35Resting in the gardenCrystal eyes24Crystal eyesKitty on the Roof30Kitty on the RoofCute kitten30Cute kitten