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A drink at the pond by Lucie Bilodeau21A drink at the pond by Lucie BilodeauAdorable kitten by Lucie Bilodeau24Adorable kitten by Lucie BilodeauSummer fragance by Lucie Bilodeau24Summer fragance by Lucie BilodeauCat painting by Lucie Bilodeau25Cat painting by Lucie BilodeauFavorite toy24Favorite toyKittens & flowers24Kittens & flowersNap time by Lucie Bilodeau24Nap time by Lucie Bilodeau"The cutest of them all" by Lucie Bilodeau25"The cutest of them all" by Lucie BilodeauPuss'n'Boots by Tracy Hall20Puss'n'Boots by Tracy HallAt play by Lucie Bilodeau24At play by Lucie BilodeauA basket of cuteness24A basket of cutenessCat on a fence24Cat on a fenceCool cat by Lucie Bilodeau25Cool cat by Lucie BilodeauKitty & flowers25Kitty & flowersExploring by Lucie Bilodeau18Exploring by Lucie BilodeauWhat's that24What's thatFresh water24Fresh waterDiva by Lucie Bilodeau24Diva by Lucie BilodeauTucked in by Lucie Bilodeau24Tucked in by Lucie BilodeauNoel24Noel