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Mountain Lion42Mountain LionDreadlocks?35Dreadlocks?Caracal kitten35Caracal kittenIt's my present35It's my presentAmerican Holly and Cardinal35American Holly and CardinalWhere is the grass?35Where is the grass?Horse in the snow35Horse in the snowLooking for a meal35Looking for a mealMountain lion35Mountain lionLynx mom with kittens35Lynx mom with kittensHorses in Colorado32Horses in ColoradoDeer in the snow35Deer in the snowGirl & Horse painting42Girl & Horse paintingParrot couple35Parrot coupleHorse couple35Horse coupleFawn couple35Fawn coupleHandsome Jaguar35Handsome JaguarAustralian Shepherd couple35Australian Shepherd coupleHorse among the heather36Horse among the heatherHelp me! I don't like this!36Help me! I don't like this!