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Its Getting Rocky on The Trail24Its Getting Rocky on The TrailBack to the Trail24Back to the TrailGeo Form Ancient Lava20Geo Form Ancient LavaMile 0946 Gravel Springs Hut12Mile 0946 Gravel Springs HutMile 0945 A Wilderness Of Wires77Mile 0945 A Wilderness Of WiresTrail Up To Marys Rock24Trail Up To Marys RockWell Worn Trail25Well Worn TrailBubbling Creek40Bubbling CreekLimber in the Timber Trail15Limber in the Timber TrailBearfence Trail24Bearfence TrailMile 0893 Hightop Summit Sunset91Mile 0893 Hightop Summit SunsetMile 0892 Hightop Trail16Mile 0892 Hightop TrailFog on Upper Pinefield Hut Trail24Fog on Upper Pinefield Hut TrailLower Pinefiled Hut Trail15Lower Pinefiled Hut TrailMile 0847 Paul C Wolfe Shelter12Mile 0847 Paul C Wolfe ShelterMile 0831 Maupin Field Shelter30Mile 0831 Maupin Field ShelterHarpers Creek Upper Falls55Harpers Creek Upper FallsRockface Trail56Rockface TrailMile 0818 The Priest Shelter28Mile 0818 The Priest ShelterCold Mountain90Cold Mountain