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Wild Huckleberry35Wild HuckleberryMile 1378 Finger Board Shelter View35Mile 1378 Finger Board Shelter ViewBeaver Family60Beaver FamilyMile 1374 Beaver Dam near Island Pond77Mile 1374 Beaver Dam near Island PondWildflower Water Willow45Wildflower Water WillowWild Rice on the Trail24Wild Rice on the TrailNew York Blue Birds In Love or Hungry?60New York Blue Birds In Love or Hungry?Wildflower False Solomon Seal35Wildflower False Solomon SealSandpiper35SandpiperPochuck Boardwalk Enjoyed By Hiker Kermit42Pochuck Boardwalk Enjoyed By Hiker KermitMile 1345a Pochuck Boardwalk Start40Mile 1345a Pochuck Boardwalk StartAvi Flight55Avi FlightWildflower Salvia and Yellow Cloud Butterfly60Wildflower Salvia and Yellow Cloud ButterflyWallkill River Herons and Egrets88Wallkill River Herons and EgretsI'm Dreaming of - -77I'm Dreaming of - -Trail Art Heart6Trail Art HeartMile 1319 Grassland78Mile 1319 GrasslandWalking By Horses54Walking By HorsesWild Bee Hive9Wild Bee HiveMile 1314 Gren Anderson Shelter12Mile 1314 Gren Anderson Shelter