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Porcupines Love The Shelters54Porcupines Love The SheltersUpward Meadow35Upward MeadowMaple Tree Killer Asian Longhorned Beetle60Maple Tree Killer Asian Longhorned BeetleMile 1590 Close To Eds Spring150Mile 1590 Close To Eds SpringField Flowers24Field FlowersGreen Mountains Range136Green Mountains RangeChickadee Sing For Me35Chickadee Sing For MeFisher Marten54Fisher MartenMile 1579 Wilbur Clearing Lean-to6Mile 1579 Wilbur Clearing Lean-toHang Gliding At Greylock Summit130Hang Gliding At Greylock SummitBascom Lodge At Greylock Summit77Bascom Lodge At Greylock SummitMile 1567 Ladybug 0242Mile 1567 Ladybug 02Cheshire Cobble91Cheshire CobbleMile 1556 Kay Wood Lean-to35Mile 1556 Kay Wood Lean-toSummer Butterfly48Summer ButterflyUpper Goose Pond112Upper Goose PondMile 1538 Upper Goose Pond Cabin60Mile 1538 Upper Goose Pond CabinLadybug 0172Ladybug 01Wildflower Canada Lily48Wildflower Canada LilyMile 1521 Benedict Pond Path28Mile 1521 Benedict Pond Path