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Swinging the Botafumeiro90Swinging the BotafumeiroAtaúd el Cercueil Remains of Saint James91Ataúd el Cercueil Remains of Saint JamesAntique Car Barrio Tour Santiago209Antique Car Barrio Tour SantiagoBust My Blisters Thats Santiago Ahead90Bust My Blisters Thats Santiago AheadSantiago Cathedral Spires in the Distance192Santiago Cathedral Spires in the DistanceSantiago Pilgrim Monument Monte do Gozo80Santiago Pilgrim Monument Monte do GozoAlong The Way Arzua to Santiago54Along The Way Arzua to SantiagoAlbergue Arzua30Albergue ArzuaStatue in Arzua91Statue in ArzuaLizzard Style Door Pull42Lizzard Style Door PullAlbergue Operated by Santa Maria Church160Albergue Operated by Santa Maria ChurchCemetery outside Melide80Cemetery outside MelideApproach to Melide54Approach to MelidePortomarin to Melide 2 Stepping Stones48Portomarin to Melide 2 Stepping StonesPortomarin Brandy Vendor48Portomarin Brandy VendorCool Restaurant Courtyard70Cool Restaurant CourtyardFarmers Gift of Fruit and Bench90Farmers Gift of Fruit and BenchLeon Day 4 Farewell Leon209Leon Day 4 Farewell LeonLeon Day 4 Getting Bread and Wine for the Road70Leon Day 4 Getting Bread and Wine for the RoadLeon Day 3 Evening Falls120Leon Day 3 Evening Falls