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Lion Eye110Lion EyeReady For New Years Eve80Ready For New Years EveGetting Ready For The Parade140Getting Ready For The ParadeBernalillo Mountains in Sandovol160Bernalillo Mountains in SandovolFind It - 12850Find It - 128Last Route 66 Landmark in New Mexico48Last Route 66 Landmark in New MexicoInside The El Ranco Hotel35Inside The El Ranco HotelFamous El Rancho Hotel35Famous El Rancho HotelAztec Dance Troupe99Aztec Dance TroupeGallup Street Art42Gallup Street ArtClassic Drive In Dog88Classic Drive In DogFound a Kitschy Drive In140Found a Kitschy Drive InBeautiful Mural in Gallup88Beautiful Mural in GallupNative Daughter Statue98Native Daughter StatueSand Art30Sand ArtGallup Street Art99Gallup Street ArtGallup!24Gallup!Old Road To New Road48Old Road To New RoadWestbound - Somewhere Out There...Gallup NM!160Westbound - Somewhere Out There...Gallup NM!El Malpais National Conserv Area 312El Malpais National Conserv Area 3