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Orauea Stream48Orauea StreamClimb Wairaki35Climb WairakiA Mob of Sheep from Mt Linton Station60A Mob of Sheep from Mt Linton StationKea In Flight80Kea In FlightMavora Lake View from Te Anau91Mavora Lake View from Te AnauMiles Pies, 380Miles Pies, 3Miles Pies, 280Miles Pies, 2Miles Pies, 156Miles Pies, 1Te Anau60Te AnauFat Duck Cookie Caramel Cheesecake70Fat Duck Cookie Caramel CheesecakeI'm Not Sharing88I'm Not SharingMenu at the Fat Duck in Te Anau35Menu at the Fat Duck in Te AnauSwingbridge across the Mararoa River72Swingbridge across the Mararoa RiverMaybe Mistletoe Fruit at Mavora36Maybe Mistletoe Fruit at MavoraRight of Way55Right of WayTime to Fly-Tramp to Mavora88Time to Fly-Tramp to MavoraRoad To Glenorchy160Road To GlenorchyLake Whakatipu160Lake WhakatipuChurch of the Blessed Sacrament88Church of the Blessed SacramentKiwi Statue in Queenstown70Kiwi Statue in Queenstown