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Built by a Bird But Looks Like a Whale20Built by a Bird But Looks Like a WhaleBird Nest Fungi25Bird Nest FungiFind It - 17772Find It - 177Plumed15PlumedGoofy Feet Belong To American Coot133Goofy Feet Belong To American CootSaw-Whet Owl In Hiding24Saw-Whet Owl In HidingThe Buzz Says He's Hiding20The Buzz Says He's HidingTail Feather Ballet77Tail Feather BalletPreening Penguins160Preening PenguinsForest Flooring45Forest FlooringWet Bug Face99Wet Bug FacePick a Pelican160Pick a PelicanBlack-Headed Weaver63Black-Headed WeaverEndangered Species – Butterfly Bat140Endangered Species – Butterfly BatI got 180 Degrees. How 'bout You?48I got 180 Degrees. How 'bout You?Petal Perfect35Petal PerfectPretty Parakeet49Pretty ParakeetEngulfing Sands - Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse160Engulfing Sands - Rubjerg Knude LighthouseCommon Yellowthroat42Common YellowthroatWelcome Spring! Cherry Blossom Time45Welcome Spring! Cherry Blossom Time