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Ngunguru to Patua 254Ngunguru to Patua 2Mile 2184 Katahdin Falls35Mile 2184 Katahdin FallsMile 2181 Near Little Niagra63Mile 2181 Near Little NiagraWatch Out Moose Poop on the Hurd Pond Trail12Watch Out Moose Poop on the Hurd Pond TrailMile 2149 Rainbow Stream Lean To30Mile 2149 Rainbow Stream Lean ToMile 2145 Pollywog Stream63Mile 2145 Pollywog StreamMile 2092 Sunset East Chairback Pond42Mile 2092 Sunset East Chairback PondThe Downside of Chairback Mountain20The Downside of Chairback MountainMile 2084 Assent on Fourth Mountain35Mile 2084 Assent on Fourth MountainMile 2082 Stealthing It At Cloud Pond24Mile 2082 Stealthing It At Cloud PondToady on Bald Mountain Trail48Toady on Bald Mountain TrailMile 2034 Assent To Pleasant Pond Mountain35Mile 2034 Assent To Pleasant Pond MountainMallard on the Lake78Mallard on the LakeKennebec Trail35Kennebec TrailFrosty Morning Chickadee45Frosty Morning ChickadeeMile 2008 Pretty Berries60Mile 2008 Pretty BerriesMoose Sighting88Moose SightingSome Kind of Berry or Apple60Some Kind of Berry or AppleMile 1979 Climbing to Sugarloaf88Mile 1979 Climbing to SugarloafWooly Bear Caterpillar Says Cold Coming54Wooly Bear Caterpillar Says Cold Coming