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Sam Moore Shelter - Last Before West Virginia15Sam Moore Shelter - Last Before West VirginiaUnattended Fire Bad Bad Bad Idea36Unattended Fire Bad Bad Bad IdeaMile 0984 Pothole Falls54Mile 0984 Pothole FallsMile 0970 Manassas Shelter Is Full18Mile 0970 Manassas Shelter Is FullSoup For Dinner Tonight54Soup For Dinner TonightDenton Shelter Gravity Fed Solar Shower25Denton Shelter Gravity Fed Solar ShowerMile 0965 Jim and Molly Denton Shelter40Mile 0965 Jim and Molly Denton ShelterIts Getting Rocky on The Trail24Its Getting Rocky on The TrailHawksweed Gone To Seed56Hawksweed Gone To SeedThinking of Robert Frost36Thinking of Robert FrostBack to the Trail24Back to the TrailGeo Form Ancient Lava20Geo Form Ancient LavaMile 0945 A Wilderness Of Wires77Mile 0945 A Wilderness Of WiresMile 0944 Little Hogback Overlook120Mile 0944 Little Hogback OverlookKissing Trees at Pass Mountain Hut40Kissing Trees at Pass Mountain HutMile 0943 Hogback Shelter15Mile 0943 Hogback ShelterMile 0942 Rattlesnake Point Overlook128Mile 0942 Rattlesnake Point OverlookMile 0933 Pass Mountain Hut12Mile 0933 Pass Mountain HutMile 0930 Marys Rock120Mile 0930 Marys RockTrail Up To Marys Rock24Trail Up To Marys Rock